We have created the most beautiful Baby Gifts Baskets you could desire with a unique selection of clothes and accessories for the first months. 

If you’re looking for the perfect new baby gift, 
Kids at The Patio is here to help. 

To make your life easier we can deliver to your door or to your gifted.

Please follow these steps to build your unique and personalized Baby Box:
STEP 1 - Choose the color you love for the little one (boy, girl, unknown gender) and enter into the collection
STEP 2 - Select the items you wish to gift
STEP 3 - Choose the packaging and card you prefer (with or without message)

STEP 4 - Choose your packaging (paper or box)

STEP 5 - We will take care of the rest and we will deliver to you or your gifted
*Gifts over 300 AED free of charge
*Express Delivery available at checkout