The Patio Recycled Bags Project Story



 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. From Trash to Treasure.


Where the idea comes from

The Patio Recycled bags are a sustainable fashion project by Kids at The Patio.

We have created a unique handmade bag for kids in collaboration with craftsmen of the island of Bali, Indonesia.

We had a crush on these beautiful, colorful, sustainable and handmade technique and that’s the moment that The Patio Bags was born.

We decided, along with the experimented craftsman, to design a beautiful bag suitable for kids and of course, for whoever falls in love with it.


The importance of color and design

Colorful, finest, strong, durable and wearable braided small totes easy to use, anytime, everyday.

Our mission is to create a collection characterized by a unique and colorful aesthetic. The bag you need for your daily routines.

Sustainability, durability and aesthetic are qualities and values that also are the result of the attention dedicated to the handmade process and the color offering featuring timeless everyday bags.

Being made of recycled plastic, makes them very easy to clean and effortless style, specially for children.



Collaboration is the key

All the materials for the production are sourced locally.

The manufacture process consists of making use of discarded plastic bottles, by shredding them into plastic flakes and transforming them into a strapping band.

The next step in the process is to hand-wove the bags individually by skilled craftsmen and women artisans using traditional handcraft techniques in remote villages of Bali.

We love the idea of contributing to the country in different aspects, from job creation, to keeping the traditional and manual crafts techniques alive and of course, the main contribution of cleaning their country of plastic waste.

Indonesia faces a mounting plastic pollution crisis and urgent action is needed to turn the tide of plastic waste and pollution.

Kids at the Patio take their part and we stand up with the social responsibility of recycling, reusing and reducing.

Would you like to be part of it? See what we have created HERE!