Our story

 Kids at the Patio was born from a particular understanding of fashion and style and design and a clear purpose, to bring an innovative view in children's clothing.

It is the result of an idea that came up many years ago out of questioning:
Can clothing be something that helps children develop their abilities?

We believe it is possible and we see children and baby's fashion as something playful that can help children to experiment. 

Our mission is to create designs that help stimulate children at different stages of their development .
We invite you to know our selection.

Color is the Key 

 The color of our collection is unique and bold and all the designs are thoroughly handpicked. 
A fresh view of fashion with an uncommon color range. Unique colors that are timeless.
We think that kids clothes should be functional and allow them to play freely but at the same time stylish, so they look great on any occasion.

 Pictures credits courtesy by @bohobaby

Mix and Match 

 We also ensure that all our pieces are incredibly effortless to combine. 
Leave your little ones expressing themselves mixing and matching and you will see what results. Don’t be afraid of the color, all you need is a little attitude.

Conscious and durable

 Quality materials and ecological fabrics. Our clothes are made with natural fabrics (100% cotton with OEKO TEX certificate, linen, bamboo ...). It is very soft to the touch, easy to wash and very comfortable. 
With the same thinking, we have designed a special eco friendly packaging produced free of chemicals for easy decomposition and printed with soy-based ink which is a renewable resource.
Additionally, we have joined to Eco-Packaging Alliance initiative contributing to planting trees in areas of need. 
Know more about it here!
Eco Packaging Alliance 

Creations accessible to everybody

 We have selected this high-quality line at very affordable prices.
If you like it, wear it.
Some of our outfits are versatile enough that they can be worn indifferently by boys and girls.  

 Who’s behind of Kids at The Patio

 Kids a the Patio is a lifestyle multi brand e-boutique founded by Carlota Martin, a Spanish fashion designer and stylist based in Dubai with more than 15 years of experience working for several renowned brands in the fashion industry.
“I firmly believe that fashion must always bring something new and that's where the idea for Kids at the Patio came from: Clothes with unique colors, original, timeless and affordable.”
The selected collections are all composed of earth colours, comfy shapes and textures that excite children. Our range has clothes from Newborn to 8 years old.
“I came up with the idea of  Kids at the Patio before I had my own child but after being a mother it was very clear: An online store selling clothes that help children develop through play. Clothes that you won't mind getting stained.”

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